With Ronn(i.e.), you will receive
a design built specifically to your requests.

Need a logo for a new musical, small business or looking for new branding for an existing company?

In most cases a logo is the first thing a customer sees of your product. The logo has to be perfect! Prices start at $200.

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Posters are the perfect way to advertise an event or new show. Posters (with existing artwork) start at $250 for full color.

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Business Cards - $75/side, Full Color
Postcards - $150/side, Full Color
One-sheets - $100/side, Full Color
Brochures - $75/leaf, Full Color

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The website design fee ranges from $500 - $1000 depending on the intricacy of the design. Sites that involve Flash, movement or pages that have separate looks, increase the price. 50% of that design fee is required for the design process to begin and this payment is non-refundable.

After the initial design is decided upon, Ronn(i.e.) designs charges you by page. $100 per page for the first 5 pages. $50 per page for each additional page.

If you decide to keep me on as webmaster, rates range depending on the frequency of work needed. Maintenance fees are to be decided on an individual basis.

For sites requiring a single monthy update, the annual rate would be $500.
For sites requiring on periodic updating (every other month, perhaps) the annual rate would be $300.
For sites needing updates more than once a month, a monthly retainer will be agreed upon (rates start at $50/month and go up from there).

The annual maintenance fee includes updating of any content, addition of images and links to video. The annual maintenance DOES NOTinclude the addition of “high content” pages nor any major re-design; regular rates apply for such changes or additions. The annual maintenance fee is to be paid yearly on the month of the completion of the initial design.

Your first bill may look

Any editing of video, photos, or audio may incur additional charges to be decided upon at a later time. Business cards, letterheads, and audition DVDs are also available and can be made to compliment your website.
Payment options are available upon request. Prices and conditions subject to change.

***Remember websites are normally tax deductible!!!